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Vectis Archaeological Trust

List of Trustees

       David Reeves

       David Tomalin

       David Marshall

Treasurer & Website:
       John Bryant

       Kelly Wetherick

       Robert A. Pitts BA, MPhil, MIHSCM
       Non-Executive Director Healthwatch Isle of Wight

Trustees Expertease

Geoff Cadman

Associated members

       Val Pitts

Field Archaeologist:
       Kevin Trott.

VAT Library

The VAT library is under construction, with many books already available and new ones being added on a regular basis.
Our intention is to put in place a research resource covering all aspects of archaeology/
history with a strong emphasis on the Islandís heritage. We have a collection of hardcopy books and electronically stored books on DVD. As well as our library, you will find further research material in the link below.

Vectis Archaeological Trust and the Friends of Brading Roman Villa would like to thank the many people who have donated books to the combined libraries.

In particular:
David Reeves.
Robert Pitts.
Bryn Walters.

From the estates of:
Marten Harris
John Hamblin
Eric Jackson Hignett.
Mark Corney. (Time Team)
Anthony Beeson.

VATs library lending policy