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Image of The Royal George
A fictitious combination of two events set in Deptford Dockyard in southeast London, England, UK: the launch of the H.M.S. Cambridge (left) in Deptford on 21 October 1755, and the H.M.S. Royal George (right) which was actually launched at Woolwich Dockyard the following year.

The Ship Wreck of HMS Pomona off the Needles in 1811.

CLARENDON: The sinking of the West Indiaman Clarendon on 11th October 1836 at Blackgang Chine, Isle of Wight.

The Sinking of HMS Royal George – Spithead, 29 August 1782. Sister ship to HMS Victory.

Rescue of the Crew of the Caber-Faigh on the Owens Shoals, Isle of Wight 1867.

Irex wrecked at the Needles, Isle of Wight, 25th January 1890. 29 Saved, 7 Perished.

The wreck of the ‘Underley. 25th September 1871 off Monk’s Bay Isle of wight.

The Forgotten shipwrecks of the First World War

The SS Mendi: The gratest Maritime disater to occur in Isle of Wight Waters. 646 men perished after the SS Mendi collided with SS Darro.


The Wreck of the Convict Ship Cedrene on the 2nd April 1862.

SS Serrana. SS Spros. SS Venezuela. HMS Warwick Deeping.
4 wrecks in the Solent:
The project run by the Solent Archaeological Divers Sub Aqua Club (SADSAC) in 2011 had two main aims. The first was to create an archaeological record of four wrecks in the area of the Western Solent for which there were few records. The depths ranged from 20 metres to 39 metres and so would appeal to a range of divers. The second aim was to produce a series of drawing and images that would help recreational divers know which parts of the vessel they were looking at and what functions those parts once performed.

VAT Library

The VAT library is under construction, with many books already available and new ones being added on a regular basis.
Our intention is to put in place a research resource covering all aspects of archaeology/
history with a strong emphasis on the Island’s heritage. We have a collection of hardcopy books and electronically stored books on DVD. As well as our library, you will find further research material in the link below.

Vectis Archaeological Trust and the Friends of Brading Roman Villa would like to thank the many people who have donated books to the combined libraries.

In particular:
David Reeves.
Robert Pitts.
Bryn Walters.

From the estates of:
Marten Harris
John Hamblin
Eric Jackson Hignett.
Mark Corney. (Time Team)
Anthony Beeson.

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