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Vectis Archaeological Trust

Who benefits from the trust?

Public benefit aspect

  1. The trust seeks to avert or ameliorate loss, damage, or decay to the prehistoric and historic heritage of the Isle of Wight. For this purpose it seeks to identify potential threats posed by insensitive development and land usage. It's outcome is an improved historic environment.

  2. The trust seeks to advance improved public knowledge and understanding of the historic environment of the Isle of Wight by documenting and publishing fresh information in the public domain. It's trustees have the skills and academic ability to ensure that new information is technically and historically accurate.

  3. The trust promotes new fieldwork and research that will identify new archaeological sites and historic structures that may require greater protection. It's achievements will be measurable by the number of new sites added to the public database (Isle of Wight Historic and environmental Record) and by the number of known sites re-defined or re-examined by new fieldwork.

  4. The trust will support public enjoyment of the Isle of Wight's archaeological resources through improved museum displays and presentation through all appropriate communicative media.

VAT Library

The VAT library is under construction, with many books already available and new ones being added on a regular basis.
Our intention is to put in place a research resource covering all aspects of archaeology/
history with a strong emphasis on the Islandís heritage. We have a collection of hardcopy books and electronically stored books on DVD. As well as our library, you will find further research material in the link below.

VATs library lending policy


Island Archaeological Reports


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