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Vectis Archaeological Trust

Registered Charity No: 1174499

The objects of the trust are to benefit the public by:

  1. To advance the study, understanding and enjoyment of the archaeology and history on and around the Isle of Wight.

  2. To promote the education of the public and to encourage academic research into the history of the Isle of Wight and the publication of the results of such research.

  3. To provide help by way of a financial grant or advice to individuals or organisations that share the same or similar objects and aims to the trust.

  4. To advance the conservation, management and interpretation of archaeological sites, monuments and material in both the terrestrial and marine environments of the Isle of Wight.

  5. To undertake archaeological investigations in the terrestrial and marine environments of the Isle of Wight. This can include excavations, geophysical surveying, field walking, surveying of historic buildings and intertidal and underwater activity.

  6. To stimulate learning and public interest in the monuments and antiquities of the Isle of Wight.

  7. To promote archaeological research and it's publication.

  8. To promote and, where appropriate, to assist the work of bodies and individuals having an interest in archaeology/history of the Isle of Wight.

  9. To promote the education of the public in general, and of young people in particular, in understanding archaeology, and the historic landscape character of the Isle of Wight.

VAT Library

The VAT library is under construction, with many books already available and new ones being added on a regular basis.
Our intention is to put in place a research resource covering all aspects of archaeology/
history with a strong emphasis on the Islandís heritage. We have a collection of hardcopy books and electronically stored books on DVD. As well as our library, you will find further research material in the link below.

VATs library lending policy


Island Archaeological Reports


General Island Interests