VATs library:

Vectis Archaeological Trust and the Friends of Brading Roman Villa (FBRV) share the services of a professional librarian, Val Pitts, who maintains both collections.
Val is a volunteer working with both charities. The FBRV library is housed at Brading Roman Villa whilst the VAT library is at Landguard Manor, Shanklin. The lending policy for FBRV is available on their website:

Friends of Brading Roman Villa (

VATs library lending policy:

Books/DVDs may be borrowed or studied in house. VATs resources are available to any teacher, student or researcher on request from our librarian.
If you are a teacher or history/archaeology student/researcher and looking for a quiet place to work, it may be possible to use our office along with internet access. We also have a wealth of in house expertise; people who may be able to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

NOTE: if you have any research papers, old photos or books that you would like to donate to the library please let us know.

You can contact Val at: