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Registered Charity No. 1174499

The 'Vectis Archaeological Trust' started life as The 'Isle of Wight Archaeological Committee' (IWAC). Due to circumstances IWAC was disbanded, which lead to the new charity Vectis Archaeological Trust being formed.

The aims of the Vectis Archaeological Trust are to promote education and training in archaeology on and around the Isle of Wight and to offer grants to students and museums in their archaeological pursuits.

A short history.

IWAC was formed in 1987 as a registered charity. The aims of the charity were to: Advance the study and practice of archaeology on the Isle of Wight, to promote the education of the public in Isle of Wight archaeology, to encourage research, and publication of the results of such research.

Classification registered by the charity commission:

  • Education/ Training.
  • Environment / Conservation / Heritage.

The beneficiaries of the charity were:

  • The public.

This was achieved by:

  • Providing buildings / Facilities / Open Space.
  • Providing Advocacy / Undertaking Research.
  • Acting as an Umbrella or Resource Body

IWACs history of helping Island heritage organisations goes back to its foundation in 1987. Over the years IWAC worked with and assisted numerous organisations including the Isle of Wight Council (IWC) with maritime and land based archaeological projects. VATs Chairman Geoff Cadman was at one time head of forward planning for the IWC and VATs Hon-secretary, Prof. Dr. David Tomalin, was the IOW County Archaeologist.

Owing to a number of deaths of trustees, people moving off Island and other reasons, in 2013 IWAC went into a period of suspended animation until 2017.

To carry on the charitable objectives of IWAC, former trustees formed a new charity, Vectis Archaeological Trust (VAT) No:1174499, registered with the Charities Commission on the 4th September 2017. VAT has been active during these times of crisis owing to the coronavirus, making financial grants, and offering advice to other island heritage organisations who have been victims of the pandemic.

Thanks to donations from IWAC and Lloyds Bank, VAT have been able to give grants to individuals and organisations who meet our aims and objectives and to continue to assist in looking after the Islands heritage both maritime and land-based.


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